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Renowned for our 100% Australian Rye Whiskey, limited Single Cask and Project releases allow us to experiment and showcase the depth of experiences beyond our everyday sippin’ whiskey. It also provides us the opportunity to collaborate with other producers with whom we admire and celebrate. With every release, we aim to produce exceptional and new liquid for you, our whiskey fanatics, to enjoy and share with friends.

The Dispensary is a series of in-house flavour experiments, crafted by our distilling team for themselves and their weekend cocktails. The series is complementary to or built from our 100% Australian Rye Whiskey.

Below are all the limited products The Gospel has released so far, with many more to come. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our limited release news.


Single Cask #35
Released 5 Aug 2020

This Single Cask Release is a result of our continuous pursuit for a bold, distinct, yet perfectly balanced whiskey. We continuously comb through our barrel catalogue of hundreds of casks sampling each one individually to select a 15-barrel blend that becomes our Straight Rye Whiskey. Occasionally we discover a barrel that is so exceptional that it needs to stand alone as an example of perfection in its own right. This is Cask #35.

Double distilled from a mash bill of 100% Mallee Rye, aged in heavily toasted new American oak for over two years, this cask rested high in our barrel rack and absorbed two full summers in Melbourne. The end result - rich, flavourful and unique Australian Whiskey.


Tawny Cask
Released 6 Nov 2020

When it comes to cask selection it's important for us to know the journey that each cask has been on before it arrives at our distillery. Whether it's the forest where the oak is sourced or, in the case of their second fill barrels, the producer that previously filled it. For this special Project Release, we chose a barrel sourced from a family operated winery in the Barossa - Dutschke Wines.

The cask was used to age Dutschke Wines’ 9 year Tawny Fortified Wine and was delivered to us fresh, without re-coopering. The cask was filled with mature Straight Rye Whiskey and allowed to mellow for a further 4 months. This short resting period in such fresh barrels results in a deliciously well-balanced whiskey that envelopes the spice of The Gospel Straight Rye with the rich sweetness of the Tawny.


Ochota Barrels Gamay Cask
Released 9 Dec 2020

The Ochota Barrels Gamay Cask is our most proud moment and is unlike anything else we have made. Best shared with friends.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Taras, whom we have long been inspired by. We celebrate his generosity and pay respect to his legacy in both the wine industry and personal life.

The Gospel and Ochota Barrels share a number of values, none of which are more prominent than quality first, regardless of trend or opinion.

The production methods adopted by The Gospel and Ochota Barrels are traditional without being fashionable. Minimal intervention is embraced to allow the process and natural ingredients to stand out.

As a celebration of our shared values, our single source Rye Whiskey has been aged for 2 years in new American oak and finished in an Ochota Barrels Gamay Cask for a further 9 months. The result is a lush combination of wine tannin, fruit and sweet vanilla oak. Something to savour.


The Dispensary Fresh Orange Amaro
Released 9 Dec 2020

Inspired by classic Italian bitters recipes but with a local Melbourne twist, Fresh Orange Amaro was blended to be consumed on hot summer days as a refreshing spritz, signalling that the day is fading but the night is still ahead. A deep citrus nose softened with floral notes and fresh fruit sweetness, Fresh Orange Amaro embodies Australian summertime.

For a boozier cocktail, pair it with The Gospel Straight Solera Rye in a Boulevardier, or add extra depth and complexity to a Negroni. Or simply serve tall with soda water and an orange wedge.


Wheated Rye
Released 10 Feb 2021

Wheated Rye is our first experimental whiskey that introduces a second grain into our mash bill, making it a truly unique release.

This extremely limited Wheated Rye was double pot distilled from a mash bill of 60% Mallee Rye and 40% Wheat Malt, and aged in a second fill American Oak cask for 2.75 years.

The peppery spice of the rye is softened by the malted wheat, embodying flavours of whole wheat bread and spiced jam. The result is a smooth and easy drinking whiskey, perfect for sipping.


The Dispensary Code Black Coffee Liqueur
Released 24 Feb 2021

Code Black Coffee Liqueur is a rich, whiskey-based coffee liqueur made in collaboration with well-respected Brunswick coffee legends Code Black Coffee.

The 3056 Code Black Coffee blend celebrates and supports the cinnamon spice of our rye whiskey, while the balance of alcohol and sweetness allows the vanilla, malt and chocolate coffee profile to shine. As one of the lowest sugar coffee liqueurs on the Australian market, Code Black Coffee Liqueur has an aroma and nose of coffee and oak, with a dry and smooth finish.

Blended by coffee and whiskey fanatics with the intention of being devoured after the sun has gone down, Code Black Coffee Liqueur embodies the deliciousness expected from a coffee liqueur with the added complexity of a whiskey base. Best enjoyed cold, on the rocks or in an Espresso Martini, it is the perfect evening companion.

The release is a celebration of The Gospel and Code Black Coffee. The partnership was formed on our shared philosophy of being guided solely by the quality and flavour of the liquid we produce. Sharing the 3056 postcode forms part of a wider connection both brands have with the Brunswick community.


Blackhearts & Sparrows
Released 16 Jun 2021

TheBlackhearts & Sparrows release is a deep-in-colour and rich-with-flavour whiskey made in collaboration with well-respected independent bottle shop Blackhearts & Sparrows*. The partnership was formed as a celebration of kindred spirits and a mutual love for the well-curated.

After opening up the Bond Store and allowing the fine folk from Blackhearts & Sparrows taste their way through specially selected casks of The Gospel, one barrel stood out more than any of the others - a heavily toasted, 36-month, air-dried single barrel of double pot distilled 100% Rye Whiskey. It is rich with brown sugar, muscat, red fruits, allspice, vanillin-laced tannins and The Gospel’s distinct rye spice.

Carefully chosen, the release stays true to the combined philosophy of The Gospel and Blackhearts & Sparrows, ensuring the whiskey world is accessible, welcoming and enjoyable to all.


The Dispensary Whiskey Bitters
Released 7 Jul 2021

Blended by Old Fashioned fanatics with the intention of enhancing whiskey cocktails rather than diluting them, Whiskey Bitters contains the botanicals expected from traditional bitters with the added complexity of a whiskey base.

Whiskey Bitters steeps orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, star anise and other botanicals in barrel-strength Solera Rye, creating a unique and distinct bitters that complements the notes of our rye whiskey.

The botanicals selected for our Whiskey Bitters mirror the flavours of our Solera Rye. In an Old Fashioned cocktail, the bitters will turn the flavours present in our rye whiskey up to 11.

Traditionally bitters are used to balance out the sweetness in cocktails and draw out complexity, giving it a more complete flavour profile. Our Whiskey Bitters is the perfect companion in an Old Fashioned and other whiskey-forward cocktails, or simply serve it in an Australian favourite Lemon, Lime and Bitters.


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