Whiskey Soap Bar


Our Whiskey Soap Bar is made from spent wash (also known as pot ale), a byproduct of whiskey production. Rye grain mash runs through our purpose-built column still, separating the alcohol from the grain and leaving behind a wash. As part of our sustainability program, we give the wash to a local farmer for animal feed, ensuring all of our distilling byproduct is completely diverted from waste. We've up-cycled a small amount to make our made from whiskey soap.

Handmade in collaboration with local soap maker Brunswick Soap House using natural colours, essential oils, organic botanicals and spent wash, you will feel fresh, clean and exfoliated after using our Whiskey Soap Bar.

Natural and handmade in small quantities in Brunswick, Melbourne, it's now socially appropriate to use whiskey in the mornings. 


A word on our collaboration.

Our collaboration with Brunswick Soap House is a celebration of sustainability and innovation and further builds our connection with the Brunswick community. Read more about the Brunswick Soap House story on our journal here

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