Celebrate Rye July with The Gospel

Talk to anyone about whiskey and the conversation is usually dominated by age or provenance, rather than the base ingredient from which it’s made. To draw a comparison, this would be like wine producers disregarding the grape variety of their wines. Seems unceremonious, doesn’t it? Just like the variety of grapes in wine, whiskey can be made from a variety of grains - rye, wheat, barley, corn - all of which produce distinct flavours and expressions.

Rye July is a month-long celebration shining a light on whiskey made from rye, the unsung hero of the whiskey world.

Rye, a dense and hardy grain, is notoriously hard to work with and can destroy the soul of the most resolute distiller. Known for its spice and big bold flavour, rye imparts flavours like caramel vanilla, sweet allspice, stewed fruit and green apple.

The Gospel is dedicated to producing whiskey made using 100% rye grain, sourced from a single farm in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia. Chosen specifically for its dry, harsh climate, the rye from this region is small and dense, with flavour unmatched by rye from other areas. Paired with Melbourne’s dynamic climate, it produces a unique rye whiskey unlike any other.

To help celebrate Rye July, we are giving away a bottle of rye a day for the whole month of July.

Enter here for a chance to win (competition now closed).


There are also multiple venues who will be participating in Rye July drinks promotions. Stop by and enjoy a rye at:

-- Mr West, Footscray
-- Stomping Ground, Collingwood
-- The B.East, Brunswick East
-- The Cornish Arms, Brunswick
-- The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy
-- The Provincial Hotel, Ballarat
-- The Que Club, Brunswick East
-- Trouble in Dreams, Footscray

-- Blackbird Bar, Canberra

-- Bank Street Social, Adelaide
-- Bibliotheca, Adelaide
-- Clever Little Tailor, Adelaide
-- Hains & Co, Adelaide
-- Hellbound Wine Bar, Adelaide
-- La Moka, Adelaide
-- Mr Goodbar, Adelaide
-- Pink Moon Saloon, Adelaide
-- Edinburgh Cellars (bottleshop)
-- Marion Hotel Cellars (bottleshop)
-- Parade Cellars (bottleshop)
-- PALS (Parafield Airport Liquor) (bottleshop)

-- Alfred's Pizzeria, Perth
-- Harbourside, Fremantle
-- Mechanics Institute, Northbridge
-- St Brigid Bar, Doubleview
-- Foxtrot Unicorn, Perth

-- Alleyway By Avenue, Sydney
-- Dulcie's, Kings Cross
-- Ode Bar, Bondi
-- The Family Hotel, Newcastle
-- The Koutetsu, Newcastle

-- Lockwood, Gold Coast
-- NAÂMi, Gold Coast

If you can’t make it to a venue, order a bottle of rye or a cocktail and join in with friends from the comfort of your own home.