In the neighbourhood: The Walk Home

It has been hugely rewarding to see the streets of Brunswick once again come alive as day shifts to night. There are bodies about, music drifting from bars onto the street, and there is an overwhelming sense of happiness (not surprising given what we have all collectively gone through this past year).

I originally moved to Melbourne in the dead of winter, and despite being a summer desperado, I quickly discovered that this city was built for the cold. Every pub on the side streets was packed with people getting around pints by the fireplace or watching local bands playing intimate shows every night of the week! It was such a welcoming experience.

As Melbourne’s long and cold winter begins to set in, with the days feeling shorter, the nights appearing earlier, and the chill coming on quickly, it’s still an enjoyable experience to walk home from work along the bustle of Sydney Rd. Here are 7 places in the neighbourhood that I frequently visit, with many others on the list still yet to explore.


Inner North Brewing Russell Street BrunswickInner North Brewing
10A Russell St, Brunswick

A hop across our back alley to visit Zach and Tim, the legends at Inner North Brewing. A hidden oasis, with a warm and welcoming feel, it’s truly Brunswick’s best kept secret. All craft beers are made in the visible brewing tanks, rotating on a regular basis (worth keeping up with their new releases on Instagram). A nice tight knit community vibe, plus dogs are frequent patrons.


Small Time Group Bar Albert Street BrunswickSmall Time Group
271-273 Albert St, Brunswick

A winning combination of all my favourite things - live music, booze and NYC pizza by the slice. I particularly love their celebration and support of early-stage music artists, including running education, mentorship and community events. Small Time Group is a chill and friendly environment run by locals, with an unexpected secret rooftop – so glorious!


Rascal BrunswickRascal
341 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

The epitome of community, Rascal is super serious about championing Brunswick producers and products. One of the early Gospel supporters (who have backed us in ever since), they often run community-based events, and set up the ‘Support Local, Support Brunswick’ initiative during the escalation of COVID-19 in March 2020. What’s more is the food is phenomenal and the staff are passionate and genuine. It feels good to return the love.


Theodore’s BrunswickTheodore's
4 Saxon St, Brunswick

Theodore’s is another local gem tucked away and worth discovering. It’s run by Lily and Henry (Ted’s parents, how adorable), who really believe in community and supporting local, with all food and most drinks from the nearby area. The space is gorgeous and the vibe is all day positive. It’s genuinely a nice place to hang out, as good by yourself as it is with friends.


Miss Moses Bar BrunswickMiss Moses
581 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Miss Moses is a great little place, focusing on craft and independent, with an every-changing variety of tap beers and a short cocktail list. The food is tasty as hell (where else can you get a potato scallop aka potato cake at a bar? Genius!). Super relaxed, with an American blues and folk kind of vibe, it’s like going to your mate’s place.


Blackhearts & Sparrows Sydney Road BrunswickBlackhearts & Sparrows
379 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

When I’m on the way to a friend’s or just want to savour a moment on the couch at home, I’ll swing past Blackhearts & Sparrows and pick up whatever is matching my mood at the time. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful when you need to decide the direction your taste buds should go. I also recommend picking up a bottle or two of Yumbo Soda Co, a brewed lemonade handmade by Benny in the Yarra Valley, if you need a break from booze or want something delicious to mix with.


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