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What is the Solera System? 31 Mar, 21

What is the Solera System?

Our Solera system is an evolution of flavour, showcasing the concept of continuous maturation in all its glory.Solera, meaning on the ground in S...

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The Gospel Whiskey Journal | Must See Fanatics Documentaries - Desperate Man Blues (2003) directed by Edward Gillan 12 Oct, 20

Must See Fanatics Documentaries

Fanatic /fə‘nat.ik/ noun - a person with excessive and extreme enthusiasm in an interest, belief or activity.We at The Gospel are fanatic about r...

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Fanatics: Wood and Maturation 29 Sep, 20

Fanatics: Wood and Maturation

In 2013 Ben and I (may have) built a small still in my Carlton garage and (may have) started distilling whiskey. Initially, just a hobby, it was ...

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