Project Release Blackhearts & Sparrows Single Cask

56.8% ALC/VOL 700ml

The Blackhearts & Sparrows release is a deep-in-colour and rich-with-flavour whiskey made in collaboration with well-respected independent bottle shop Blackhearts & Sparrows. The partnership was formed as a celebration of kindred spirits and a mutual love for the well-curated.

After opening up the Bond Store and allowing the fine folk from Blackhearts & Sparrows taste their way through specially selected casks of The Gospel, one barrel stood out more than any of the others - a heavily toasted, 36-month, air-dried single barrel of double pot distilled 100% Rye Whiskey. It is rich with brown sugar, muscat, red fruits, allspice, vanillin-laced tannins and our distinct rye spice. 

Enjoy neat or on the rocks, Blackhearts & Sparrows is best shared in the company of family and friends.


There are few brands that have managed to manifest the essence of Melbourne into everything they do. Blackhearts & Sparrows is one of those. Enter any one of their stores and you’ll feel like you are in Melbourne’s eclectic north. Their curation of wine, beer and spirits is second to none, and the selection of this particular cask is no different. It’s the best of our best.

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