Project Release Legacy Rye

56% ALC/VOL 700ml

Legacy Rye is a dedication to Andrew and Ben’s great love of American-style whiskeys and their collaborative journey to produce deliciously unpretentious whiskey. It is a nod to our early days and an appreciation of how far we have come.

Legacy Rye is a 3 year old whiskey distilled from a mash bill of 59% Mallee Rye, 35% Australian Corn and 6% Australian Malt Barley - a whiskey reminiscent of Maryland style ryes. It was then aged in a heavy toast and high char cask in the middle of the bond store, providing a very consistent maturation profile.

With notes of orange marmalade, lemon curd, toasted cedar, burnt toffee, fig and leatherwood honey, Legacy Rye is best enjoyed neat.

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