Project Release Single Cask #147

48% ALC/VOL 700ml
Single Cask #147 is our first whiskey to be made of 100% Brunswick distillate, having been distilled, matured and bottled solely in our Brunswick warehouse.

A true celebration of Brunswick, Single Cask #147 is a delicate whiskey that showcases the best of our bond store.

Single Cask #147 is a heavily toasted, 30-month, air-dried single barrel of 100% Rye Whiskey. Resting high in the bond store, the cask absorbed three Melbourne summers exposed to the greatest temperature variation within the distillery, having spent its entire life on the top rack of our two-storey barrel rack.

The cask was coopered from timber sourced from the Ozark region of the United States, with the barrel profile specifically developed as part of our ongoing R&D program for the International Stave Company.

Single Cask #147 is rich with stone fruits of apricot and peach, spun toffee, freshly cut timber and bright green apple on the nose. A long palate of warm melting butter, dark chocolate and cocoa with a spicy backbone. White pepper and peach ice tea to finish. Medium bodied with a plump and sumptuous mouthfeel.


Our single cask releases are the result of our fanatical pursuit for bold, distinct, yet perfectly balanced whiskey. We continuously comb through our barrel catalogue of hundreds of casks sampling each one individually to select a 15-barrel blend that becomes our Straight Rye Whiskey. Occasionally we discover a barrel that is so exceptional that it needs to stand alone as an example of perfection in its own right.


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